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Durham and the 2015 Rugby World Cup




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 County Teams start their season

County 18s open their season in the Lancashire Festival at Liverpool St Helens where they take on Cumbria.  See team

See the County u18 season details 

County u16s start their season with two teams playing Northumberland at Winlaton RFC on November 8th.  See more u16 details

RWC continues to enthral despite no home nations in the mix 

As the RWC enters the semi-final stage of the competition – and what a competition it has been so far, it has lost none of its appeal.  There may be no Northern Hemisphere sides remaining but rugby fans all over the North East will still be watching.

Who of the two super nations New Zealand or South Africa will prevail.

Will Argentina be able to do what Scotland so nearly did and sent the Australians out of the competition.

Newcastle’s direct involvement in the Rugby World Cup as a host city maybe  over but the vast amount of work to take advantage of the RWC and the opportunities it has given to promote rugby in Durham Country really begins   More details soon















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