U14-U18 County Cup Rules

U14-U18 County Cup Rules DURHAM COUNTY RFU Age Grade Cup Competition Rules



1. All teams must be entered in writing to the County Cup Administrator at least one week before the August meeting of the U14 – U18 Age Grade County group at which the draw for that season’s competition will be made. Late entries will only be accepted at the meeting if a representative from the club involved is in attendance and able to confirm they will participate.

2. The draw will be made at the August meeting with all submitted teams at that point. No re-draw will be made unless it can be evidenced that a written application was made to the RFU office.

3. County Cup Reps –The u14-U16 County Group will appoint the County Cup Committee consisting of 6 members. Each member of the County Cup Committee will be responsible for the competition at one of the age groups and their duties will include. Being first contact for any disputes or queries on these rules in relation to that age group. They will make any necessary decisions unless deemed necessary to refer to the cup committee (for example if it relates to the reps own club). Organising the venue for that age groups finals. This may be the Reps home club providing that the club is not involved in the cup final. Organising the final i.e. retrieving cups, appointment of refs, registration card check, catering, match ball provision and presentation duties (if a County Rep is not available)

4. Eligibility for the competition will comprise of players who are under the relevant age at midnight on 31st August at the beginning of the season and that age grade applies for the whole season. Players cannot play down an age group. Very talented or physically developed players may play up providing appropriate written permission from the players’ coach, club official and parent/guardian has been obtained. Please note that in order to comply with the continuum, players under 13 cannot play in any competition. U14s only may play up for the U15s, U15s only may play up for the U16s, and U16s may play up for the U17s/U18s. U17s may play for the U18s without the need for written consent.

5. Each participating player must be a member of the club for whom he has been selected to represent, he therefore:
– Must not have played for two separate clubs in the same competition in any given season.
– Must have been registered with that club for a period of one week prior to the game requiring registration
– Players registered with other clubs may play for a different club for the purposes of combining to enter a team where player numbers would otherwise not support a full team. However, those players may only play in one county cup competition in that season (including Yorkshire or Northumberland competitions).
In such cases the permission of the County Cup Committee must be sought prior to any game.

6. The competition is for clubs within the Durham County Teams wishing to enter from outside the County must make a request to the County Cup Committee and will only be considered on the basis that that are not entering the cup competition of their home County.

7. The Laws and Conditions relating to these games will be as set out in the RFU handbook.

8. The game shall be played XV-a-side for 25, 30, 35, 35, 35 minutes each way for the U14, U15, U16, U17 and U18 age groups respectively.

9. The Durham County Referees Appointments Secretary will be notified of this draw and will, by arrangement with the HOME club, endeavour to appoint an official to take charge of each game. In the event of the unavailability of officials, both teams shall agree the appointment of a qualified referee, where a choice of referees is applicable, the away team shall have the preference. In the case of disagreement please refer to the County Cup Representative or Committee.

10. If a clash of colours occurs between the sides, it will be the responsibility of the HOME side to change.

11. The arrangements for the game are to be made by the HOME club contacting the AWAY Confirmation should be made on or before the Monday prior to the tie is to be played.

12. All cup and plates games will be played on the date as appointed by the Junior County Cup Committee at the draw made at the meeting in August, unless both clubs agree to an earlier date. If games are cancelled because of the weather the game will be played on the next available Sunday (not including dates over the Christmas period 23/12/16 – 28/12/16 inclusive) or on the agreed future date providing it can be played at least two weeks before the next round (either cup or plate) is due to be played.

13. Other than due to the weather, clubs may only request postponement of set cup dates in the case of players involved in representative rugby games/trials for the County, North of England, England, Premiership Clubs, North of England or England College/Schoolboy teams.
– Eligible players are playing in a National Club Cup Competition
– Pre booked tour games involving an overnight stay by the Durham team involved.
If a club cannot field a team due to unavailability of players due to school rugby commitments, or injury, or loss of front row players, they shall forfeit the tie if they cannot field a team capable of safely competing in the game. Where clubs cannot agree an appropriate date to play in these circumstances the County Cup Committee shall decide on the date the game will be played.

14. Except the final, the HOME club shall have first choice of venue. In the event of the home club being unable to accommodate the game due to the pitch being unplayable or unavailable (this does not include the liability to field a side), the choice of the venue shall revert to the away club. In the event of clubs not being able to agree, please refer to the County Cup Rep or Committee.

15. Matches will kick off at 11:00am unless otherwise agreed by both club.

16. The game will be decided as per the Laws of the Game. For all rounds, except the final, in the event of a draw, the side scoring the greatest number of tries will be declared the winner. In the event of both sided scoring the same number of tries or there being no tries scored, the AWAY side will be declared the winner.

17. Any team winning by a margin of 50 points or more at any stage during the game will be declared the winner.

18. It will be the responsibility of the WINNING club to notify the Cup Secretary and County Cup rep of the result within SEVEN days of the game.

19. It will be the responsibility of all clubs to ensure that all players are fully insured.

20. When arranging fixtures, no club should invite any player to forego school loyalties and no player should play more than one game of rugby in one day.

21. For every match each Team Manager MUST have available for inspection ALL OF THE PLAYERS REGISTRATION CARDS for his side and MUST be presented when requested to the opposing Team Manager BEFORE the game [as per RFU REGULATION 15 – AGE GRADE RUGBY 15.15.2.] Failure to produce a requested registration card for any player will result in the player not playing in the game. If a team cannot field a side as a result the game will be declared null and void with the non-offending side being declared winners by default. Any disputes with regard to registrations must be reported to the County Cup Rep or Committee within 24 hours of the Cup-Tie.

22. For all rounds, the host club is to make adequate arrangements to keep spectators at a reasonable distance from the playing area (i.e.) rope boundary approximately 5m from the touchlines.

23. Replacements are to be used as per the U19 variations of the game, with no more than seven named replacements (i.e. squad of up to 22). Laws covering front row replacements still apply and U15 variations according to the RFU handbook.

24. A match may not commence if a side does not have at least three recognised front row players, the game will not commence with uncontested scrummages and the match is automatically awarded to the other side. If injuries occur during the match to the available front row players only, then with agreement of the referee may the game proceed with uncontested scrummages in the interest of player safety.


1. The County Cup Rep, contacting Durham Referees’ Appointments Secretary with the details of the game will arrange officials for the final.

2. The date and time of the final will be specified by the Junior County Cup Committee at the draw made at the meeting in August. If unable to be played on this date the County Cup Rep will arrange on a mutually agreeable date either Sunday or midweek.

3. The choice of venue will preferably be neutral to the clubs involved, with the County Rep making such arrangements. If it necessary to facilitate the finals the Committee may arrange the game at a participating club if agreed by both teams or selected by toss of a coin.

4. The County Cup Rep will aim to play both the plate and cup finals at a single venue on the set date for the final.

5. If at the end of normal time the scores are equal, then the cup will be shared between the two clubs, with no extra time played.

6. Registration cards are to be inspected by the County Cup Rep with both teams providing squad lists. All other rules for registration cards apply.

7. The County Cup Rep will declare which team is to be classified as the HOME team for the final in the event of colour clashes.

8. It is the responsibility of the winners to have the trophies engraved. All trophies to be returned to Cup Committee by 1st April at the latest. Any difficulty or dispute relating to the above should be referred firstly to the County Cup Administrator and then to the County Age Grade Cup Committee and their decision is final.

Note: All results are to be sent to the Durham County Age Grade County Cup Administrator within 48 hours of the matches being played. To: peter@jrp1.freeserve.co.uk and to the Durham County Office dcrfu@therfu.com.

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