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Durham Durham County coaches pick their travelling squad for U17M fixture against Northumberland

Durham County coaches pick their travelling squad for U17M fixture against Northumberland

Durham County U17M tackle their first fixture of the season against local rivals, Northumberland on Sunday.

The selected 23 man squad will travel to Percy Park RFC in hopes to kick start their season in winning spirits.

Those making the journey are:

     Player                          Club                                         School

1. Nathan Smith             South Sheids Westoe

2. Joseph Sawdon

3. Charlie Caswell          West Hartlepool

4. Shane Ivey                  Hartlepool                              East Durham College

5. Sam Shanks                 Darlington MP

6. Chris West                   Houghton

7. Will Dexter                  Billingham                               Durham school

8. Joe Berry                      Darlington MP

9. Luke Pearson               Billingham                              Durham school

10. Alex Smith                  Durham City                           Emanuel college

11. Matthew Ward           Durham City

12. Callum Piert                 Darlington MP

13. Max Thompson            Stockton

14. Alex Osifo                       Stockton

15. Joe Ross                          Billingham                           Hartlepool  Sixth form


16.Harry Thompson               Billingham

17. Owen Chaplin                    Durham City

18. Zak Swan                             South Shields Westoe

19. Stephen Carrick                  Darlington

20. Conor Martin                       Darlington MP

21. Oliver Connolly                   West Hartlepool

22. Callum Robinson                 Barnard castle School

23. Luke Cooper                        Billingham

To find out more about the U17s season, check out their page here

Best of luck to all those making the journey!

Team announcement: Durham U16s name Princes and Bishops sides to travel to Cumbria

Team announcement: Durham U16s name Princes and Bishops sides to travel to Cumbria


Durham County U16s put their training into action for the first time this weekend as they travel to Penrith RFC to play Cumbria.

The age grade side will travel with two equal teams on Sunday to play against the Cumbria sides.

Those that will make the journey are as follows:

Durham County Princes

1.Matthew White              Darlington Mowden Park

2.Reece Kundu                Billingham

3.Jack Archer                  Houghton

4.Phil Greenbank            Billingham

5.Harry Malcolm              Houghton

6.Matthew Etherington    Gateshead

7.Hassan Berba              West Hartlepool

8. Innes Hill – (Capt)        Darlington MP

9. Luke Redfern              Bishop Auckland

10. Niall Butler                Durham City

11. Owen Westhrop        West Hartlepool

12. Charlie Bourne          Darlington MP

13. Max Rafferty              Billingham

14. Jake Boyle                 Ryton

15. Sol Kench                  Darlington MP                                  Yarm School


16. Jamie Minto              Ryton

17. John McKenna          Darlington MP

18. Joe Houston              Durham City

19. Will Barker                Bishop Auckland

20. Louis Peacock                                                         Barnard Castle School

21. Oliver Bale                                                               Barnard Castle School

22. Leon Kelly                 Durham City

23. Aaron Fernandes      Darlington MP


Durham County Bishops

  1. Owen Nugent            West Hartlepool
  2. Owen Chaplin            Durham City
  3. Dylan Penny               Billingham
  4. Sam Shanks               Darlington MP
  5. Michael Heatley          Ryton
  6. Ezra Laundy Blair       Darlington MP
  7. Harry Wilson               Darlington MP
  8. Sam Berry – (Capt)      Darlington MP
  9. Ben Turnbull                Darlington MP
  10. Harry Leyland             Gateshead
  11. Matthew Ward             Durham City
  12. James Pearson           West Hartlepool
  13. John Grey                   Durham City
  14. Tom Nelson                 Darlington MP
  15. Sam Berry                   Darlington MP

16. Ethan Forester               Houghton
17. Michael Carr                  Durham City
18. Lewis Simon                  Billingham
19. Matt Mercer                   Durham City
20. Will Shipley                    Ryton
21. Rob Carney                   Darlington MP
22. Jacob Edwards                                                            Barnard Castle School
23. Matthew Carruthers      Houghton  


Best of luck!

From Eagle to Falcon for Yarm Rugby Clubs first homegrown player Morgan Passman

From Eagle to Falcon for Yarm Rugby Clubs first homegrown player Morgan Passman


Newcastle Falcons have signed former Durham County player, Morgan Passman on professional terms for the Senior Academy.

Morgan Passman, 18 signed his first professional contract with the Premiership side last week to secure himself a spot on the right wing in the Junior Academy squad.

Pictured: Morgan in Durham County kit, representing U15s


After playing across the backline for the Academy, scoring the most tries for the side and making his A League debut for the Falcons’ in September during their 67-21 victory over Wasps, he can say that his hard work has certainly paid off.

Passman has not been short of success throughout his rugby career, since starting out as a Yarm Eagle at the young age of four he was; the first age group to enter the Durham Developing Player Pathway programme (DPP) with the help of the Falcons and the County, he has helped the Falcons’ AASE scheme at Gosforth Academy to two successive national finals, represented Durham County at U15s and England at U16s.

Pictured: Morgan Passman as Falcons Academy player


Mark Laycock, Falcons Academy Manager and fellow Teessider said “Morgan came through the DPP and made his A-League debut for the Falcons in this season’s heavy victory over Wasps.”

“The former Yarm RFC and school player is very physical and powerful, with an eye for the try-line, and it is exciting to see him stepping up to the senior academy.”

Since first starting out in Passmans’ youth, the DPP programme has gone from strength to strength, over the years, developing some strong talent throughout the three areas covering Durham.

Upon completing his exams at Gosforth Academy in May, Passman will move up to Newcastle permanently and take up the game full time.

Although, father Steve Passman and Yarm RFC club coaching co-ordinator, has said he will still pop into the Club when he can.

After all, that is where his journey and dream began!

By Clarissa Murphy


Durham County U16s prepare for new year campaign as they announce training squad

Durham County U16s prepare for new year campaign as they announce training squad


Durham U16s prepare for their 2017/2018 campaign as they select players from around the County to feature in the training squad.

From the players named in the training squad, a match day 23 man squad will be picked for both the Princes and Bishops team.

The U16s started the selection process before the new year with three sessions where coaches assessed players in order to select a training squad.

The first two match day squads will be selected after squad training tonight at Darlington Mowden Park from 6.30pm


Nugent Owen West Hartlepool
Carr Michael Durham City
White Matthew DMP
Chaplin Owen Durham City
Berry Joe DMP
Eadington Adam Houghton
Archer Jack Houghton
Penny Dylan Billingham
Minto Jaime Ryton Thorp Academy
Hutchinson Adam West Hartlepool


Wiffen Jack Bishop Auckland
Mckenna John DMP
Forester Ethan Houghton
Kundu Reece Billingham


Malcolm Harry Houghton
Shanks Sam DMP
Hill Innes DMP
Heatley Michael Ryton St Thomas Moore
Peacock Louis Barnard Castle
Greenbank Phil Billingham


Wilson Harry DMP
Etherington Matthew Gateshead
Laundy-Blair Ezra
Mercer Matt Durham City
Walker Tom Billingham
Houston Joe Durham City
Simon Lewis Billingham
Berba Hassan West Hartlepool
Hurdley Jordan Bishop Auckland
Turnbull Thomas Hartlepool
Barker Will Bishop Auckland
Shipley Will Ryton
Poppitt Callum Billingham
Redfern Luke Bishop Auckland
Turnbull Ben
Carruthers Matthew Houghton
Bale Olly Barnard Castle


Butler Niall Durham City
Leyland Harry Gateshead
Kelly Leon Durham City
Carney Rob DMP
Todd Will DMP
Groark Louis Sunderland
Rouse Oli West Hartlepool Barnard Castle
Nelson Tom DMP
Bourne Charlie DMP
Pearson James West Hartlepool
Rafferty Max Billingham


Roddam Kieran Ryton
Westrop Owen West Hartlepool
Ward Matthew Durham City
Boyle Jake Ryton
Edwards Jacob Barnard Castle
Fernandes Aaron DMP
Vinniecombe Jack Ryton Emamnuel college
Kench Sol Yarm School
Johnstone Harry Ryton Thorp Academy
Humphries Matthew Darlington Longfield
Berry Sam DMP

Best of luck to all the players and the Princes and Bishops in their campaign.

Check out the U16s page for more information here

Durham County coaches announce U15 boys training squad for two representative sides

Durham County coaches announce U15 boys training squad for two representative sides

As the New Year is in full swing, we prepare for new County representatives to take the field.

Durham County U15s set to prepare for their 2017/2018 season.

Match day selection will follow the training session at Darlington Mowden Park on Monday, January, 22.

The teams will be made up from the following players;

Tom Mitchell Prop/Hooker
Jack Dunphy FR/H Durham City
Max Ayers FR Durham City
Matthew Siddle FR Durham City
Kai Leeke FR/Hooker Gateshead
Jack Ward FR/H Ryton
Joseph Gibbons FR
Lewis Pressley FR
Jacob Rowley Hooker/Lock Blaydon


Richie Richardson Lock/BR Blaydon
Dube Thabo Lock/BR Blaydon
Harrison Minto Lock Blaydon
Tyler Hepple Lock/BR/FR Northern
Sam Turnhill Lock/FR Durham City
Oliver Bosanko Lock/BR Durham City
Oscar Arkley Lock Durham City
Jamie Pender Lock/BR
Innes Hill Lock/BR DMP
George Sanderson Lock/BR
Jack Trainer Lock/BR/FR
Adam Thornton Lock/BR/FR
Jacob Newman Lock/BR/FR
Oliver Schiable Lock/BR/FR
Aiden Simpson Lock/BR
Archie Thompson Lock/BR/OB


Lewis Thwaites BR
Ralph Archer BR Durham City
Connor Charlton BR Durham City
Matthew Stevens BR Bishop Auckland
Jacob Feeney BR/FR Sunderland


Charles Siddle IB/9 Westoe
Jaden Robson IB
Elliot Shaw IB
Oliver Turner Blake IB/9
Drew Scott IB/10 Gateshead
Joseph Dufton FH Durham City
LeeJay Robinson FH/OB Gateshead


Ewan Greenlaw Centre/FH Durham City
Michael Graham Centre Durham City
Joseph Cowie Centre Sunderland
Aaron Norman Centre Durham City
Jacob Phillips Centre West Hatlepool
Danny Thompson Centre Westoe
Tristan Sommersall Centre/FH/Wing Northern
Evan Lawther Centre/Wing Blaydon
Jake Anderson Centre/Wing/FB Gateshead


Charlie Bourne OB DMP
Jack Hillary Wing Blaydon
Matthew Kehoe FB/Wing Blaydon
Oscar Jacques OB
Callum Morris OB
Jay Seymour OB
Ben Heighway OB
Jakob Ogundipe OB
Matthew Cooper FB/Wing Durham City
Adam Stormont FB/Wing Sunderland
Oliver Stables Wing Durham City

Best of luck to all the players and the Princes and Bishops in their games, check them out here

North of England U18 invite eight Durham lads to assessment centre line up

North of England U18 invite eight Durham lads to assessment centre line up

North of England U18 selects have announced the squad invited for trials, and eight Durham County players feature on the line up.

The U18s North Division skills assessment and development day will take place on Sunday, January 28 in West Yorkshire.

Congratulations to the eight lads named, among the 47 players picked for the day;

Alfie Lawson – Hartlepool Sixth Form and Billingham RUFC
Andrew Bain – QE Sixth Form and Darlington Mowden Park
Daniel Chambers – Thorp Academy and Ryton RFC
Edward Anderson – Yarm School and Yarm RFC
Elliott Trott – Emmanuel College
Ethan Hall –  Barnard Castle School and Bishop Auckland Rugby Club
Max Pepper – Barnard Castle School
Ratu Bavadra – Gateshead College and Gateshead RFC


Phi Lax, Durham County U18 Team Manager commented on the players success saying: “We are delighted for the players selected and expect them to continue to express themselves, grasp the opportunity with both hands and push to get into the squad for the games.

“As well, the coaching team would like to congratulate all the U18s for this season, we have played some superb attacking rugby and scored the most points across all the northern counties.

“A great season to be proud of.”

Pictured: 2017/18 Durham County U18s at Darlington Mowden Park for first North Selectors Division Festival

The Durham players will travel to Woodhouse Grove School, Apperley Bridge, West Yorkshire, Bradford, BD10 0NR to continue to showcase their talent on the field.

All players named in the squad should email North Division Delivery Team Manager Stuart Kohler at: to confirm their acceptance of their place by 5pm on Friday, January 12.

Check out the full squad invited from all North Counties here.

Durham County U17M announce training squad for 2018 campaign

Durham County U17M announce training squad for 2018 campaign


As one Age Grade representative side comes to an end, another prepares to begin as the U17 Men name their training squad.

The Durham U17s prepare for the season ahead with their 35 man training squad.

The next training session will take place in the new year at Winlaton RFC on January, 15 from 6.30pm.

Phil Lax, Durham County U17s Team Manager commented on selection saying: “This year has been the most difficult decison for the Durham County Coaching Team.

“The quality in Durham County U17s is outstanding and the coaching team are really excited about the season ahead.”


Making it into this years selection, are as follows:

Forwards                         Club                                   School/College


Charlie Caswell                West Hartlepool

Ethan Hall                        Bishop Auckland                 Barnard Castle School

Harry Thompson              Billingham

Nathan Smith                   Westoe

Owen Chaplin                  Durham City

Luke Hawkins                  Gateshead

Joseph Sawdon               Middlesbrough

Nick Blowey                     Durham City                            Durham School

Conor Martin                   Darlington Mowden Park

Sam Shanks                   Darlington Mowden Park

Shane Ivey                      Hartlepool                                East Durham College

Chris West                       Houghton

Stephen Carrick               Darlington

Will Dexter                        Billingham                                Durham School

Ethan Leddington             West Hartlepool

Joe Berry                          Darlington Mowden Park

Zak Swan                         Westoe



Tom Kell                         Gateshead                                 Emmanuel College

Oliver Connolly              West Hartlepool

Luke Pearson                 Billingham                                   Durham School

Alex Smith                      Durham City                                Emmanuel College

Callum Piert                   Darlington Mowden Park

Callum Robinson                                                               Barnard Castle

Dean Edmundson          Sunderland

Harry Burnard                Billingham

Leon Turnbull                 Billingham

James Pearson              West Hartlepool

Max Thompson              Stockton

Cameron Mather            Gateshead                                 Emmanuel College

Matthew Ward                Durham City

Alex Osifo                       Stockton

Luke Cooper                   Billingham                                 Hartlepool 6th Form

Joe Ross                        Billingham                                  Hartlepool 6th Form

Sam Berry                     Darlington Mowden Park

Sam Douglass              Middlesbrough                              Yarm School


Durham County U18M narrowly miss out on their three from three record in final test against Yorkshire Rugby

Durham County U18M narrowly miss out on their three from three record in final test against Yorkshire Rugby


Durham tally their first loss as Yorkshire serve up a 19-12 victory at West Hartlepool Rugby Club for the final game of the 2017/18 season in difficult conditions.

Pictured: Durham County U18M against Yorkshire 2017/18


The first half, saw early pressure but, wasted chances by the hosts to give Yorkshire the upper hand which they executed with a 12 – 0 lead at the half time break.

In the second half, Durham began to play with tempo and scored a rewarding try through skipper, Alfie Lawson to trail 12 – 7 with a boot from Callum Piert.

Applying the pressure, Durham forced Yorkshire to show their strengths which was evidently, a strong defence.

Taking a turn in the wrong direction, Durham became subsequent to questionable decisions and more points on the board for the visitors.

In an attempt to change their own luck, Max Pepper took a quick penalty and scooped the ball out wide to Zac Ivey to score what was to be, a disallowed try in the corner.

Despite this Durham kept pressing and scored an unconverted try hrough, Harry Beadling.

For both sides, this meant an exciting last five mins on the clock with Durham pushing for the next score and Yorkshire battling for all their worth.

Even with Durham’s best efforts the visitors held out for the win.

Phil Lax, Durham County U18M Manager, said: “ It was an excellent, fast game played in a great spirit.

“Over all it has been a fantastic season, with the lads playing some outstanding rugby and they have been a pleasure to work with.

“I would like to say a massive thank you to our dedicated Coaching Team of Chris Webb, Dave Hill, Steve Passman & Iain Dixon who have been responsible for bringing the best out of the players as individuals and as a team.

“Well done Lads we are all very proud of how well you have represented Durham County.”

Durham County U18M end their 2017/2018 campaign with two from three victories, 102 points scored, 44 points scored against and another year as winners of the Watt Davy Cup.

Team that faces Yorkshire

Check out the U18 County page

Durham County U18M announce squad for final campaign fixture against Yorkshire Rugby

Durham County U18M announce squad for final campaign fixture against Yorkshire Rugby

Durham County U18M welcome Yorkshire this weekend in their final fixture of their 2017/18 campaign where they look to make it three from three for another year.

Durham have dominated their campaign so far with a 52- 25 victory over Northumberland and a 38-0 victory away to Cumbria.

In last years competiton, Durham did not face Yorkshire so this shall be a different test for the side.

The game will take place at West Hartlepool RFC, 2pm KO

Check out the side to take to the field below;


  Forename Surname School Club
1 Ethan Hall Barnard Castle School Bishop Auckland
2 Andrew Bain QE 6th form College Darlington Mowden Park
3 Daniel Chambers Thorp Academy Ryton
4 Shane Ivey East Durham College Hartlepool
5 James Murphy Conyers 6th Form College Billingham
6 Daniel Lax Gateshead College Ryton
7 Edward Anderson Yarm School Yarm
8 Jordan Mckee Yarm School  
9 Max Pepper Barnard Castle School  
10 Alex Smith Emmanuel College Durham City
11 Joe Ross Hartlepool 6th Form College Billingham
12 Callum Piert   Darlington Mowden Park
13 Alfie Lawson Hartlepool 6th Form College Billingham
14 Ratu Bavadra Gateshead College Gateshead
15 Elliott Trott Emmanuel College  


H/FR 16 Kyle Elliott   Durham City
FR 17 Leo Heslop Gateshead College Durham City
  18 Luke Hawkins   Gateshead
  19 Nick Blowey Durham School Durham City
  20 Harry Beadling QE 6th form College Billingham
  21 Ross Craig   Gateshead

 The game will be refereed by; Riki Handa with assistance from: Rebecca Rees & Simon Williams and Sponsored by Charles Stanley Wealth Managers


Best of Luck!

Durham County U18M reign champions once more following Cumbria clash

Durham County U18M reign champions once more following Cumbria clash


Durham County U18 Men took the journey to Bishop Burton College to play Cumbria in the second of the North of England selectors days.

Pictured: Team photo following Cumbria victory


The visitors showed their dominance in a quick running game winning 38-0.

Despite an overpowering display from Durham, Cumbria did not give up on the performance and played with intent throughout.

Phil Lax, Durham U18M Manager said: ” When we relaxed and executed our quick running game, we scored some excellent try’s playing expansive, exciting rugby.

Durham seemed to drop off a little in spells of the second half and were disappointed not to have scored more points.

“But all in all, it was another excellent result and performance from a squad who are growing together.”

Tries on the day came from; Alfie Lawson (x2), Joe Ross, Jack Hudson, Edward Anderson and Kyle Elliott with Callum Piert adding eight points with his boot.

Lax added: “Our energy, work rate and defence was excellent today and the speed we played with was cutting edge on the performance.”

A special mention to travelling reserves, Luke Hawkins ,Leo Heslop, Nick Blowey and Zac Ivey who are very much a part of the success of our group this season.

Lax finished saying: “We recognise we still have things to work on going into the last training session and last game but feel confident in the teams ability.”

Durham are set for their third and final fixture on Sunday, December, 17 against Yorkshire at West Hartlepool Rugby Club.


Upcoming Events

  • March 18, 2018
    • U17s Age Grade Semi F2:00 pmThis is the play on or before date for the semi final of the U17s Age Grade Cup. The successful teams will go on to play one another for the Cup title.
    • U18s Age Grade Cup Semi F2:00 pmThis is the play on or before date for the semi final of the U18s Age Grade Cup. The successful teams will go on to play one another for the Cup title.
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