County Schools’ Union

Durham County RFU Schools Union

The DCRFU Schools Union is back up in action with a structured committee in place.

Chairperson – Richard Wilkinson, Secretary- John Pearson, ERFSU Rep – Martin Pepper and nine school representatives on the committee.

The main aim of the Schools Union committee is to represent the interests of all schools in Durham and encourage the further development of schools’ rugby and the recruitment of new member schools.

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After conducting a survey within schools in Durham County we were able to establish who was part of the the Schools Union and contact details for all secondary schools. In order to further develop the support we can offer we shall be conducting further analysis to gather sport specific contacts within schools where missing.

To provide you with more information and clearly illustrate the development of rugby in schools within Durham County we are working on developing a map of the secondary schools and clubs. This will provide contacts, information and a clear development key to hep us help you and you help yourself.

We are always keen to sign schools up to the Schools Union so if you are interested see the England Rugby Football Schools’ Union (ERFSU) information for details about about affiliation, benefits and an application form.

Durham County Schools Union is online NOW!

After a long process of getting ourselves into full swing we can now celebrate being online! We are not quite there as we are aiming towards our own website but for now we are active on social media.

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The children of the game are the future of the game so help Durham County grow the game….