County U16s

Durham County Under 16’s

Durham County U16’s to face Northumberland in 2 fixtures on Sunday 3rd February at Kingston Park KO 10am & 12pm 

The following two squads have been selected to represent Durham County in this years campaign against Northumberland. Good luck to all the players.

The Squad is as follows: Princes Team 

1 Joseph Gibbons – Barnard Castle
2 Jack Dunphy – Durham City
3 Jacob Newman – Barnard Castle
4 Archie Kidd – DMP
5 Oscar Arkley – Durham City
6 Jack Moralee – Durham City
7 Guy Pepper – Barnard Castle
8 Oliver Bosanko – Durham School

9 Charles Siddle – Westoe
10 Joseph Dufton – Durham
11 Jay Seymour – Barnard Castle
12 Ewan Greenlaw – Durham School
13 Michael Graham – Durham City
14 Evan Lawther – Blaydon
15 Oscar Jaques – Barnard Castle

16 Tom Mitchell – DMP
17 Lewis Pressley – DMP
18 Daniel O’Reilly – DPM
19 Thomas Cunningham – DMP
20 Matty Lynn – Yarm
21 Danny Thompson – Westoe
22 Joseph Cowie – Sunderland
23 Elliot Shaw – Yarm
24 Ralph Archer – Durham City
25 Harry Weildon – DMP

Travel Arrangements and Meet Up times: Princes Team   

We ask for DCRFU Princes players to meet at Kingston Park for 9am or a 10am Kick Off.

The Squad is as follows: Bishops Team 

1 Paul Blades – DMP
2 Josh Duarte – Barnard Castle
3 Lewis Pressley – DMP
4 Sam Tunhill – Durham School
5 Adam Thornton – Billingham
6 Tyler Hepple – Northern
7 Mathew Stevens – Bishop
8 Fred Liddle – DMP

9  Mathew Osbourne – Barnard Castle
10 Jack Dean – DMP
11 Callum Morris – Yarm
12 Tristan Somersall – Blaydon, NSB
13 Jake Anderson – Gateshead
14 Oliver Turner Blake – DMP, Carmel
15 Aiden Young – Billingham

16 Kia Leeke – Gateshead
17 Jordan Bayles – Bishop
18 Kieran Hope – Durham
19 Jack Riley – Hartlepool
20 Dube Thabo – Blaydon
21 Oliver Schiable
22 Zak Welsh – Durham City
23 Arron Norman – Sunderland
24 Archie Thompson – Barnard Castle
25 Dan Taylor – Billingham

Travel Arrangements and Meet Up times: Bishops Team   

We ask for DCRFU Bishops players to meet at Kingston Park for 10:15am for a 12pm Kick Off. (although we will encourage support for the first game played). 

All players please wear county pre-match kit and remember county socks and shorts for playing.

Post match players will be expected to dress in the following; white dress shirt, dark trousers and either county tie or club/school tie if you have not been presented a county tie yet.

If you have any questions please contact Durham County office at or alternatively speak with the U16’s coaching team.

Good look again to both teams! 

Following the very success festival at Kingston Park on Saturday, we would like to congratulate the following players, they have been selected for the Durham County U16’s Squad for 2018/2019 season.

Players not selected, although you will be disappointed the standard was so high and there was a limited number of places available. Keep working hard and improving and you will get another opportunity.

The first squad training session is at East Durham College on Monday 14th January 7:45pm – 9pm

If you wish for feedback, this will be given direct to players on request (feedback will not be given to parents or coaches). 

The Squad is as follows: 

1 Lewis Pressley – Falcons
2 Jack Dunphy – Durham City
3 Kai Leeke – Gateshead
4 Joseph Gibbons – Barnard Castle School
5 Josh Duarte – BCS
6 Kieran Hope – Durham City
7 Jacob Newman – BCS
8 Jordon Bayles – Bishop Auckland
9 Adam Thornton – Billingham
10 Oliver Sciable
11 Jack Riley – Hartlepool
12 Archie Kidd – DMP, Hummesknott
13 Thabo Dube – Blaydon, Emmanuel College, Falcons
14 Sam Turnhill, Durham City, Falcons
15 Oliver Bosanko – Durham City, Falcons
16 Oscar Arkley – Durham City, Falcons
17 Innes Hill – DMP, Falcons
18 Archie Thompson – BCS, Falcons
19 Ralph Archer – Durham City
20 Matthew Stevens – Bishop Auckland
21 Daniel O’Reilly – DMP, Richmond High
22 Guy Pepper – BCS, Falcons
23 Jack Morallee – Falcons
24 Tom Mitchell – DMP
25 Fred Liddle – DMP
26 Ewan Greenlaw – Durham City, Falcons
27 Michael Graham – Durham City, Falcons
28 Tristan Somersaul – NSB, Falcons
29 Evan Lawther – Blaydon, Falcons
30 Jake Anderson – Gateshead, Falcons
31 Jay Seymour – BCS, Falcons
32 Matty Lynn – Yarm
33 Charles Siddle – Westoe
34 Jack Dean – DMP, Richmond High
35 Elliot Shaw – Yarm
36 Matthew Osbourne
37 Joseph Dufton – Durham City
38 Zack Welsh – Durham City
39 Thomas Cunningham – DMP
40 Joseph Cowie – Sunderland
41 Aaron Norman – Durham City
42 Danny Thompson – Westoe
43 Henry Bowler – Yarm
44 Oscar Jaques – BCS
45 Callum Morris – Yarm
46 Harry Wheildon – DMP
47 Dan Taylor – Billingham
48 Aiden Young – Billingham
49 Josh Irving – DMP
50 Oliver Turner – Mowden Park, Carmel

The First Squad Training Session is on Monday 14th of January at East Durham College 7.45pm

Registration for 8pm-9pm session. 

Well done to all those selected, we wish you the best of luck playing for Durham County!

Durham County U16’s Festival at Kingston Park 

Following the Trials at Horden RFC on Thursday 3rd January 2019, the players listed below have been selected to represent Durham County U16’s at the festival at Kingston Park on Saturday 5th January.

 Princes - Team 1     Bishops - Team 2   
1Tom MitchellDMP1Kieran HopeDurham City
2Jack DunphyDurham2Kai LeekeGateshead
3Joseph GibbonBarnard Castle School3Jordan BaylesBishop Auckland
4Archie KiddDMP4Jamie PenderYarm School
5Oliver Schiable5Jacob RowleyBlaydon
6Mathew StevensBishop Auckland6Conner CharltonDurham City
7Daniel O’ReillyDMP7Andrew HarrisonBishop Auckland
8Ralph ArcherDurham8Fred LiddleDMP
9Jack DeanDMP9Zak WelshDurham
10Rory DunneHoughton10Joseph DuftonDurham
11Oscar JacquesBarnard Castle School11Zohaib NasirBillingham
12Henry BowlerYarm12Dan TaylorBillingham
13Edward LockwoodBarnard Castle School13Danny ThompsonWestoe
14Callum MorrisYarm14Miquel QuierugaDurham City
15Harry WeldonDMP15Aiden YoungBillingham
16Kieran PottsYarm School Hooker16Josh DuarteBarnard Castle SchoolHooker/BR
17Jacob NewmanBarnard Castle SchoolProp/Hooker17Adam ThorntonYarm FR/Lock
18Harrison MintoBlaydonLock18Richie RichardsonBlaydonLock
19George SandersonBarnard Castle SchoolBR/ Lock19Jack RileyHartlepoolLock
20Kieran ScollayYarmLock20Charles SiddleWestoeSH
21Elliot ShawYarmSH21Mathew OsbourneBarnard Castle SchoolSH
22Matty LynnYarm SH22Thomas CunninghamDMP9/FB
23Joseph CowieSunderlandCentre23Jack HillaryBlaydonWing
24Oliver Turner BlakeCentre24Arron NormanSunderlandCentre
25Josh IrvingDMPCentre

All players are to meet at the Bullocksteads for 9am-9:15am for registration. Players please wear county shorts and socks if you have them, if not please wear your club or school shorts and socks.

All players will be given a ticket for the Falcons V Quins game, making this an all day event… Players will need to bring food, water and warm clothes as well as their playing kit.

Thanks for all involved and very well done for your selection! 

If you have any queries please contact Phil Lax –

Durham County U16’s Festival at Kingston Park – Results 

The scores from the Festival are:

Durham Bishops:

Bishops 5 – Northumberland Jacobites 20                
Bishops 5 – Cumbria A 10                                         
Bishops 3 – Northumberland Reivers 2
Bishops 0 – Cumbria B 1

Durham Princes: 

Princes 10 – Northumberland Jacobites 10
Princes 20 – Northumberland Reivers 5
Princes 15 – Cumbria A 0
Princes 25 – Cumbria B 5

The following players have been selected to attend the DCRFU U16’s Trials at Horden RFC on Thursday 3rd January 2019 from 7pm-9pm.

Player Position Club/School
Tom MitchellProp/HookerDMP
Jack DunphyFR/HDurham City
Max AyersFRDurham City
Kai LeekeFR/HookerGateshead
Jack WardFR/HRyton
Joseph GibbonFR
Josh DuarteHooker/BR
Chris DellowHookerConsett
Jacob RowleyHooker/LockBlaydon
Ben RobinsonProp/No8Houghton
Dan ScottHooker/PropHoughton
Jordan BaylesProp/HookerBishop Auckland
Connor ScaifeProp/LockBishop Auckland
Kieran PottsHooker Yarm
Kieran HopePropDurham City
Richie RichardsonLock/BRBlaydon
Harrison MintoLockBlaydon
Jamie PenderLock/BR
George SandersonLock/BR
Jack Trainer Lock/BR/FR
Adam ThorntonLock/BR/FR
Jacob NewnamLock/BR/FR
Oliver Schiable Lock/BR/FR
Aiden SimpsonLock/BR
Jack RileyLockHartlepool
Charlie MckennaLockGateshead
Kieran ScollayLock
Lewis ThwaitesBR
Ralph ArcherBRDurham City
Connor ChaltonBRDurham City
Matthew StevensBRBishop Auckland
Jacob FeeneyBR/FRSunderland
Daniel O'Reilly BRDMP
Stephen AndersonBRGateshead
Bret BrownBRHartlepool
Kieran JervisBRConsett
Alex JacksonNo8Consett
Fred LiddleNo 8DMP
Joshua ListerBR/LockBishop Auckland
Andrew HarrisonBR/FBBishop Auckland
Matty LynnSHYarm
Charles SiddleIB/9Westoe
Jaden RobsonIB
Jack DeanSHDMP
Elliot ShawIB
Matthew OsborneSH
Oliver Turner BlakeIB/9
Drew ScottIB/10Gateshead
Joseph DuftonFHDurham City
LeeJay RobinsonFH/OBGateshead
Luke CroweFHConsett
Rory DunneFHHoughton
James ImeliaFH/CentreBishop Auckland
Zack WelshSHDurham City
Joseph CowieCentreSunderland
Aaron NormanCentreDurham City
Jacob Phillips CentreWest Hatlepool
Danny ThompsonCentreWestoe
Aiden YoungCentreBillingham
Jacob NewmanCentre
Edward LockwoodCentre/Wing
Scott SimmonsCentre/FBHoughton
Josh Irving Centre/WingDMP
Henry BowlerCentreYarm
Jack HillaryWingBlaydon
Matthew KehoeFB/WingBlaydon
Oscar JacquesOB
Callum MorrisOBYarm
Ben HeighwayOB
Jakob OgundipeOBYarm
Matthew CooperFB/WingDurham City
Adam StormontFB/WingSunderland
Oliver StablesWingDurham City
Zohaib NasirWingBillingham
Harry WeildonFBDMP
Miquel QuierugaWingDurham City

The players will then be informed who will be involved in the Festival at Kingston Park on Sunday 6th of January 2019.

From the festival hosted on Sunday 6th, players will be selected to go to the final training squad where the Newcastle Falcons academy players will join the process for the final squad selection.

Please make aware any injuries or unavailability to Phil Lax on – 

Well done to all short listed, and good luck! 

The Durham County U16’s start their campaign for the 2017/2018 season in the New Year.

Before the team selection process, the U16s completed training/ assessment sessions the same as the other County teams to enable the coaching team to see who out of the nominated players should be invited to represent the County.

After the assessment process the U16s were thinned out to pick a large training squad for the Princes and Bishops representative sides. A match day 23 will be picked for both sides following the first squad training session.

Coaches and Managers 

Nick Wade – Lead Backs Coach

Dan Finney – Support Backs Coach

Nigel Aucott – Lead Forwards Coach

Dan Burns – Support Forwards Coach

Phil Lax – Team Manager

David Hill – Programme Lead

Squad training sessions:

Friday January, 12: Squad Training @ Darlington Mowden Park (6.30pm -8.30pm)

Monday January, 15: Squad Training @ West Hartlepool RFC (6.30pm -8.30pm)

Monday January, 29: Squad Training @ Winlaton Vulcans RFC (6.30pm -8.30pm)

Monday February, 12: Squad Training @ Darlington Mowden Park (6.30pm -8.30pm)

Friday February, 16: Squad Training @ Ryton RFC (6.30pm – 8.30pm)

See selected training squad

Upcoming games for the 2017/2018 season 

Cumbria V Durham @ Penrith RFC (2pm KO)  PP – Sunday, Feb 25 @Penrith RFC : Cumbria 36 – 15 Durham Princes // Cumbria 29 – 33 Durham Bishops 

Sunday February, 4: Durham V Northumberland @ West Hartlepool RFC – 2pm KO : Durham Princes 12 – 17 Northumberland Reivers Loss // Durham Bishops 19 – 20 Northumberland Jacobites Loss

Sunday February, 18: Yorkshire V Durham @ Keighley RFC  – 2pm KO : 22- 18 victory 

Durham Princes V Northumberland Reivers // Durham Bishops V Northumberland Jacobites: 17-12 Loss // 20-19 Loss 

David Hill, Programme Lead commented on the games, saying: “We are proud of every single one of the lads today.

“Rugby is all about being gracious in defeat and humble in victory, and that we were.

“It was great to see the lads displaying the core values of the game.

“Turning up to wear the county jersey with pride and supporting their team mates, it was awesome.

“They are a great bunch of players and coaches to work with.”

See squads selected to face Northumberland

Princes team picture 

Bishops team picture 

Yorkshire V Durham @ Keighley RFC: Sunday February, 18 – 2pm KO: 22-18 victory 

Team sheet 

Pictured: Durham V Yorkshire team photo

Durham U16M took on Yorkshire away at Keighley RFC where they reigned victorious with a score line of 22-18.  

Despite and early and controlled lead by Yorkshire, Durham closed in on triumph in the final five minutes.

Tries on the day came from; Matthew Ward, Sam Berry and Max Rafferty with two points from the boot of Harry Leyland. 

Full report

Cumbria V Durham: Sunday February, 25 @ Penrith RFC: Cumbria 36 – 15 Durham Princes // Cumbria 29 – 33 Durham Bishops