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10Schools Union MeetingSchools Union MeetingTime: 4:30 pm
The Durham County Schools Union will meet at Durham City for the first time this term on Monday the 10th.
The meeting is open to any spectators that may have an interest in the running of the event.
Rugby Safe LaunchRugby Safe LaunchTime: 7:00 pm
The launch of the Durham County Rugby Safe programme will take place at Houghton RFC from 7pm. Clubs are encouraged to send along their Safeguarding officers, plus one proactive member of the club.
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17 18RRSC Committee meetingRRSC Committee meetingTime: 7:00 pm
The Representative Committee will meet at West Hartlepool TDSOB to discuss the 2018/19 season ahead.
19 20 21 22 23U16s County Cup R1U16s County Cup R1This is the first round of the County Cup fixtures for the U16s. Please use this date as a play on or before!
24 25CRSC meetingCRSC meetingTime: 7:00 pm
The Community Rugby Standing Committee will meet at Gateshead RFC to discuss the season ahead.
26 27 28 29 30U15s County Cup R1U15s County Cup R1This is the play on or before date for the first round of fixtures in the U15s County Cup. Women's County CupWomen's County CupTime: 2:00 pm
The Durham County Women's Cup competition will take place at Billingham RUFC. This is a two tier competition that invites all Durham Women contact teams to enter, for a chance to win the Cup or Plate silverware. It is free to spectators.
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