Standing Committees

Standing Committee Members

Ex-Officio Members:

Of each  Standing Committee – Sub-Committee – Committee

Kevin Bannon                                                      President

John S. Denham                                                  Secretary

David A. Thompson                                             Treasurer


Governance Standing Committee:

David Jackson                                                    Chairman – Senior Vice-President

Kevin Bannont                                                    President

John S. Denham                                                Secretary – Referees’ Society – Vice-President

David A. Thompson                                           Finance – Facilities – Competitions

John V. Scott                                                     Past Presidents

John G. Dove                                                     Senior Discipline

Brian F. Watt                                                     Junior Discipline

Mick Gatherar                                                    Safeguarding Manager


Community Rugby Standing Committee;

Robin D.R. Wannop                                           Chairman

Kevin Bannon                                                     President

John S. Denham                                                 Secretary – Vice-President

David A. Thompson                                            Treasurer – Facilities

Harry Buxton                                                      Club Development

Jan Duncan                                                        Women and Girls

Bill Lynch                                                            Coaching

Colin Snowdon                                                   Age Grade

Stuart Hardy                                                       Schools Union

Charles Thoburn                                                 Volunteers

Malcolm Shorney                                                Referees

Ted Wood                                                          16 + Adult Group

Matt Bryan                                                         RFU – RDO

Mike Hart                                                          RFU – Universities

Alex Porter                                                        RFU – RDO

Peter Taylor                                                      RFU – Women and Girls


Representative Rugby Standing Committee:

Mike Riby MBE                                                 Chair

Kevin Bannon                                                    President

Tony Wilson                                                       Junior Vice-President

John S. Denham                                                Secretary – Vice-President  – Referees

David A. Thompson                                           Treasurer

John G. Dove                                                      DCRFU XV – Senior Squad

Tony Howe                                                         U20s

Bill Lynch                                                            U18s-17s

Jon Benson                                                        Player Development Programme

Stuart Hardy                                                       Schools

Martin Pepper                                                     ERFSU

Bill Lynch                                                            Coaching

Paul Geehan                                                       Women and Girls

Alan Moses                                                         RFU – Training Manager

Peter Taylor                                                        RFU – Women and Girls

Upcoming Events

  • November 18, 2018
    • U15s County Cup R2This is the second round of the U15s County Cup fixtures. This is a play on or before date.
    • U15s County Plate R1This is the first round of the U15s County Plate fixtures. This is a play on or before date, please ensure you stick to it.
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