Standing Committees

Standing Committee Members

Ex-Officio Members:

Of each  Standing Committee – Sub-Committee – Committee

Kevin Bannon                                                      President

John S. Denham                                                  Secretary

David A. Thompson                                             Treasurer


Governance Standing Committee:

David Jackson                                                    Chairman – Senior Vice-President

Kevin Bannont                                                    President

John S. Denham                                                Secretary – Referees’ Society – Vice-President

David A. Thompson                                           Finance – Facilities – Competitions

John V. Scott                                                     Past Presidents

John G. Dove                                                     Senior Discipline

Brian F. Watt                                                     Junior Discipline

Mick Gatherar                                                    Safeguarding Manager


Community Rugby Standing Committee;

Robin D.R. Wannop                                           Chairman

Kevin Bannon                                                     President

John S. Denham                                                 Secretary – Vice-President

David A. Thompson                                            Treasurer – Facilities

Harry Buxton                                                      Club Development

Jan Duncan                                                        Women and Girls

Bill Lynch                                                            Coaching

Colin Snowdon                                                   Age Grade

Stuart Hardy                                                       Schools Union

Charles Thoburn                                                 Volunteers

Malcolm Shorney                                                Referees

Ted Wood                                                          16 + Adult Group

Matt Bryan                                                         RFU – RDO

Mike Hart                                                          RFU – Universities

Alex Porter                                                        RFU – RDO

Peter Taylor                                                      RFU – Women and Girls


Representative Rugby Standing Committee:

Mike Riby MBE                                                 Chair

Kevin Bannon                                                    President

Tony Wilson                                                       Junior Vice-President

John S. Denham                                                Secretary – Vice-President  – Referees

David A. Thompson                                           Treasurer

John G. Dove                                                      DCRFU XV – Senior Squad

Tony Howe                                                         U20s

Bill Lynch                                                            U18s-17s

Jon Benson                                                        Player Development Programme

Stuart Hardy                                                       Schools

Martin Pepper                                                     ERFSU

Bill Lynch                                                            Coaching

Paul Geehan                                                       Women and Girls

Alan Moses                                                         RFU – Training Manager

Peter Taylor                                                        RFU – Women and Girls

Upcoming Events

  • March 18, 2018
    • U17s Age Grade Semi F2:00 pmThis is the play on or before date for the semi final of the U17s Age Grade Cup. The successful teams will go on to play one another for the Cup title.
    • U18s Age Grade Cup Semi F2:00 pmThis is the play on or before date for the semi final of the U18s Age Grade Cup. The successful teams will go on to play one another for the Cup title.
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