Rugby embodies the core values of Teamwork, Respect, Enjoyment, Discipline and Sportsmanship.

As a Constituent Body Durham RFU is required to set up a Disciplinary Panel to act in relation to Clubs in membership of Durham RFU and individuals who are members of those Clubs on matters of

(a) Any infringement of any Law of the Game;

(b) Any conduct which is, in the opinion of Durham RFU is prejudicial
to the interests of the Union or the Game as authorised by RFU Rule 5.12;


(c) Any infringement of any of the RFU Regulations and/or IRB Regulations relating to the Game.

Durham RFU may exercise its powers as delegated under RFU Regulation 19.1.6 when all individuals and Clubs involved in a specific incident during or after a match are under its jurisdiction. In all cases involving members from more than one Constituent Body the power shall be delegated
to a joint committee of the Constituent Bodies of the individual Clubs involved or otherwise as directed by the RFU Disciplinary Manager.

Durham RFU does not have the power or right to further delegate any of these powers.
Durham use two different panels for Disciplinary matters.

For administration purposes Durham RFU have organised the Disciplinary administration into two distinct groupings

For specific information see

a)   Junior Disciplinary Panel

b)   Senior Disciplinary Panel

Clubs are reminded that their own Discipline Panel is charged under RFU Regulations with the responsibility of maintaining the standards of discipline within ALL sections of their Club.