Team announcement: Durham U16s name Princes and Bishops sides to travel to Cumbria

Team announcement: Durham U16s name Princes and Bishops sides to travel to Cumbria


Durham County U16s put their training into action for the first time this weekend as they travel to Penrith RFC to play Cumbria.

The age grade side will travel with two equal teams on Sunday to play against the Cumbria sides.

Those that will make the journey are as follows:

Durham County Princes

1.Matthew White              Darlington Mowden Park

2.Reece Kundu                Billingham

3.Jack Archer                  Houghton

4.Phil Greenbank            Billingham

5.Harry Malcolm              Houghton

6.Matthew Etherington    Gateshead

7.Hassan Berba              West Hartlepool

8. Innes Hill – (Capt)        Darlington MP

9. Luke Redfern              Bishop Auckland

10. Niall Butler                Durham City

11. Owen Westhrop        West Hartlepool

12. Charlie Bourne          Darlington MP

13. Max Rafferty              Billingham

14. Jake Boyle                 Ryton

15. Sol Kench                  Darlington MP                                  Yarm School


16. Jamie Minto              Ryton

17. John McKenna          Darlington MP

18. Joe Houston              Durham City

19. Will Barker                Bishop Auckland

20. Louis Peacock                                                         Barnard Castle School

21. Oliver Bale                                                               Barnard Castle School

22. Leon Kelly                 Durham City

23. Aaron Fernandes      Darlington MP


Durham County Bishops

  1. Owen Nugent            West Hartlepool
  2. Owen Chaplin            Durham City
  3. Dylan Penny               Billingham
  4. Sam Shanks               Darlington MP
  5. Michael Heatley          Ryton
  6. Ezra Laundy Blair       Darlington MP
  7. Harry Wilson               Darlington MP
  8. Sam Berry – (Capt)      Darlington MP
  9. Ben Turnbull                Darlington MP
  10. Harry Leyland             Gateshead
  11. Matthew Ward             Durham City
  12. James Pearson           West Hartlepool
  13. John Grey                   Durham City
  14. Tom Nelson                 Darlington MP
  15. Sam Berry                   Darlington MP

16. Ethan Forester               Houghton
17. Michael Carr                  Durham City
18. Lewis Simon                  Billingham
19. Matt Mercer                   Durham City
20. Will Shipley                    Ryton
21. Rob Carney                   Darlington MP
22. Jacob Edwards                                                            Barnard Castle School
23. Matthew Carruthers      Houghton  


Best of luck!

Upcoming Events

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